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Marilyn Bachmann
re: Dystopian Future
Mon May 8, 2017 16:50

Okay, here's the strange believe I have… I believe we already have the ability to travel to other planets… When you read Catherine Austin Fitts, she maintains that when Donald Rumsfeld announced that there was $3 trillion missing from the Pentagon, it was used in a black space program…


This is why I hate the Google Gods… Elon musk wants to put 4125 satellites up in space, so when we look up, the stars will be gone. What right does one man have to block the heavens?

I find the timing of the suspicious after Buzz Aldrin tweeted out "they are here and they are evil"… He always said there were structures on the moon.I think that this program, which is still going on, makes it very difficult to discover what is the truth…



Mike Adams the health Ranger (naturalnews.com) is under severe attack for supposedly distributing FAKE NEWS… Hitler used the term fake news to discreddit people, it is not new… And now one of my favorite writers Jon Rappaport (no more fake news) has been erased from the Internet… Police state coming. I say…

  • re: Dystopian Future anon, Sat May 6 17:17
    He's says 100 years, but I have disclosed to people that I believe there will only be maybe a couple more generations born.... more
    • re: Dystopian Future Marilyn Bachmann, Mon May 8 16:50
    • re: Dystopian Future Marilyn Bachmann, Mon May 8 16:31
      https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/may/08/virtual-reality-religion-robots-sapiens-book . This is one of the most illogical articles… First you have to accept the premise that life has no... more
      • re: Dystopian Future johanne F, Mon May 8 18:40
        Dr Steven Greer has been talking about this for over 25 years check out his documentary Sirius it's true there are trillions of dollars invested in a secret program that even the president is not... more
        • re: Dystopian Future Marilyn Bachmann, Tue May 9 14:03
          I was watching a video on YouTube with Elon musk talk about the deep underground military bases… I think this guy is nuts, the Google Gods that want to impose their version of reality onto everyone... more
          • re: re: Dystopian Future anon, Tue May 9 14:32
            When you remove the humanity from another person/people you can then effectively view them as nothing more than an object that you can use or treat in any way that suits your purpose.
            • re: re: Dystopian Future Marilyn Bachmann, Thu May 11 14:24
              http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/the-handmaids-tale-show-nightmares_us_59123b14e4b0a58297e071e5?ir=Canada&utm_hp_ref=canada The whole society is now spiritually sick…
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