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johanne f
Re: motorized exercise bike.
Tue May 9, 2017 06:27

on amazon.ca there are many models where you sit in your chair and pedal with or without motorize assistence

  • motorized exercise bike. Anonymous, Mon May 8 23:10
    I would like to try a motorized exerciser to get my legs moving. I would have to sit down in a chair as my balance and stiffness would make it very difficult to stay seated on a bike without falling... more
    • Theracycle JoyceF, Wed May 10 11:59
      I am actually trialing a motorized bike called the Theracycle. They are two units. One is a full bike with arm movement as well. They also have a unit that works only the legs and is really very nice ... more
    • Re: motorized exercise bike. johanne f, Tue May 9 06:27
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