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Wed May 10, 2017 11:59

I am actually trialing a motorized bike called the Theracycle. They are two units. One is a full bike with arm movement as well. They also have a unit that works only the legs and is really very nice as you can ride up to it and ride it right from your scooter. That is the one I chose to trial for 30 days. This particular one comes with the leg braces. I have to admit those are not that easy to get into on ones own. It might depend on your degree of mobility. I can do it but it takes me a bit to get strapped in. If you had someone to help it is quite easy. I actually really like the unit and they had a special in March for $1,000.00 any unit. For what it is I think it was not a bad price at $2,400 after the discount. I am willing to bet that they would still give you that discount...can't hurt to try. Let me know if you need info. Go to theracycle.com
Of course it won't be working your muscles but just the action of leg movement is a good thing.

  • motorized exercise bike. Anonymous, Mon May 8 23:10
    I would like to try a motorized exerciser to get my legs moving. I would have to sit down in a chair as my balance and stiffness would make it very difficult to stay seated on a bike without falling... more
    • Theracycle JoyceF, Wed May 10 11:59
    • Re: motorized exercise bike. johanne f, Tue May 9 06:27
      on amazon.ca there are many models where you sit in your chair and pedal with or without motorize assistence
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