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Marilyn Bachmann
re: re: Where Is the world going?
Thu May 11, 2017 14:33


In case anyone is missing the very blatant move toward communism, just look at what they are doing to history… The very first thing that must happen for communism to be implemented is the failure of capitalism…I am predicting the failure of Canadian banks.then they must go after the intelligentsia with the intolerati…


I took many courses in Russian history and I know what communism is, how it fails (it has NEVER worked, always ends up in this mass civilian death. Stalin killed what 70 million… And on and on it goes… Bernie Sanders has six houses, his wife is under investigation for bank fraud. UN would like everyone to be equally poor, $10,000 a year basic income, basic universal income.

  • re: re: Where Is the world going? anon, Tue May 9 14:17
    Wow! Certainly never expected to read an article like this posted by the NY Times. I watched a program the other night in which a man who claimed to be a moderate liberal stated that the ultra left... more
    • re: re: Where Is the world going? Marilyn Bachmann, Thu May 11 14:33
      • re: re: Where Is the world going? Anonymous, Thu May 11 16:55
        http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/the-handmaids-tale-show-nightmares_us_59123b14e4b0a58297e071e5?ir=Canada&utm_hp_ref=canada nd now battered women shelters are overflowing… Teachers in Toronto are... more
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