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re: re: Where Is the world going?
Thu May 11, 2017 16:55


nd now battered women shelters are overflowing… Teachers in Toronto are being beaten up in the classrooms…thoughts are frequencies, what are we doing spreading misogyny/violence, blowing it out all over the universe…we have to start to ask about these technologies, I trust them not.


I know how they are creating mass fear and why I had to go meditate after handmaids tale… Frequencies I believe are being added to the fear center of the brain through smart TVs. Crazy?




  • re: re: Where Is the world going? Marilyn Bachmann, Thu May 11 14:33
    https://mitpress.mit.edu/books/communism-kids . In case anyone is missing the very blatant move toward communism, just look at what they are doing to history… The very first thing that must happen... more
    • re: re: Where Is the world going? Anonymous, Thu May 11 16:55
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