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Jeanie Z
Thanks for updating us. You will remain in my prayers.>
Tue May 16, 2017 11:59

I hope things improve for you there. Jeanie :)

  • update Cathy S, Tue May 16 11:31
    Jeanie, Thank you so much for your kind prayers, they are much appreciated. Greetings to everyone from Ireland! Nursing home life remains the same horrible existence! When I think it canít get any... more
    • Re: update Marilyn Bachmann, Tue May 16 14:54
      hhi Cathy, I believe I will be facing the same situation in a short time. Our lovely selfie obsessed communist prime minister is opening the borders, not funding the health care system in Canada to... more
    • Hi Cathy JoyceF, Tue May 16 12:30
      So good to hear from you but it does not sound like a very nice existence for you in that home. I wish I had some comforting words for you. Horrible when you are at the mercy of those that are... more
      • Phones? Marilyn Bachmann, Tue May 16 16:34
        Cathy S Do you have the ability to answer a telephone call? I would phone you if it is possible. You are not alone, you have a lot of hearts connected to yours.
        • phone Cathy S, Wed May 17 06:09
          Hi all! Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers! Yes, I thought that calcium without magnesium was looking for trouble! Marilyn, i listened to David Wilcock but unfortunately I cannot... more
          • Idea JoyceF, Wed May 17 10:34
            Would you be able to text on that phone?
            • Idea Cathy S, Fri May 19 07:24
              Joyce, No, unfortunately I am unable to use the mobile phone for texting. But, another idea has just occurred to me Ė SKYPE! Would you have skype on your computer? If so, perhaps we could link up in... more
              • Skype JoyceF, Fri May 19 16:38
                I don't have Skype on this computer as I don't have a camera. I do sometimes have access to my husband's laptop that he uses at work but that is not all the time. Hey, you never know how that might... more
                • Skype/facebook Cathy S, Sat May 20 07:41
                  Hi Joyce! No, I donít have a facebook account ĖIím afraid I donít have much time for it! I think SKYPE is a better option, if it ever happens! (as I have to operate the computer via voice activation, ... more
    • Thanks for updating us. You will remain in my prayers.> Jeanie Z, Tue May 16 11:59
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