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Tue May 16, 2017 12:35

Are you able to get the supplements? Yes, please don't take calcium without magnesium. Calcium doesn't really know where to go without it. It will end up in all sorts of soft tissue areas where you really don't want it. This is why so many people are having so many issues. Cateracts....bone spurs....joint issues...the list goes on. I listen to Dr. Carolyn Dean on achieveradio.com If you are able to go there, have a look. She is the magnesium queen, that's for sure. We all need it as it is the catalyst for about 600 plus enzymes in the body. Good luck Cathy.

  • calcium supplementation Cathy S, Sun May 14 18:09
    Could anyone please advise me about calcium supplementation, does it need magnesium and other minerals, particulary for bone health? Thanks!
    • Calcium JoyceF, Tue May 16 12:35
    • Cathy S I am so glad you posted. You> Jeanie Z, Mon May 15 13:03
      have been in my prayers and I have been wondering how you are doing. Would you post an update please? Thanks, Jeanie :)
      • update Cathy S, Tue May 16 11:31
        Jeanie, Thank you so much for your kind prayers, they are much appreciated. Greetings to everyone from Ireland! Nursing home life remains the same horrible existence! When I think it canít get any... more
        • Re: update Marilyn Bachmann, Tue May 16 14:54
          hhi Cathy, I believe I will be facing the same situation in a short time. Our lovely selfie obsessed communist prime minister is opening the borders, not funding the health care system in Canada to... more
        • Hi Cathy JoyceF, Tue May 16 12:30
          So good to hear from you but it does not sound like a very nice existence for you in that home. I wish I had some comforting words for you. Horrible when you are at the mercy of those that are... more
          • Phones? Marilyn Bachmann, Tue May 16 16:34
            Cathy S Do you have the ability to answer a telephone call? I would phone you if it is possible. You are not alone, you have a lot of hearts connected to yours.
            • phone Cathy S, Wed May 17 06:09
              Hi all! Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers! Yes, I thought that calcium without magnesium was looking for trouble! Marilyn, i listened to David Wilcock but unfortunately I cannot... more
              • Idea JoyceF, Wed May 17 10:34
                Would you be able to text on that phone?
                • Idea Cathy S, Fri May 19 07:24
                  Joyce, No, unfortunately I am unable to use the mobile phone for texting. But, another idea has just occurred to me Ė SKYPE! Would you have skype on your computer? If so, perhaps we could link up in... more
                  • Skype JoyceF, Fri May 19 16:38
                    I don't have Skype on this computer as I don't have a camera. I do sometimes have access to my husband's laptop that he uses at work but that is not all the time. Hey, you never know how that might... more
                    • Skype/facebook Cathy S, Sat May 20 07:41
                      Hi Joyce! No, I donít have a facebook account ĖIím afraid I donít have much time for it! I think SKYPE is a better option, if it ever happens! (as I have to operate the computer via voice activation, ... more
        • I hope things improve for you there. Jeanie :)
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