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Marilyn Bachmann
On Life's Journey…
Fri May 19, 2017 16:27

I have met so many wonderful souls on my life journey. I am so glad I have shared my life journey with many of these fellow travelers, but in last week, I have come to realize that my time here is finished. I completed what I was meant to learn, that love is very simple, the simple act of not harming another individual… I have tried to live in this paradigm (I started studying mystics such as Edgar Casey), after I did some LSD when I was 14. I traveled out into the universe on a light beam that was being generated by the lighthouse on the St. Lawrence River… This was rather eye-opening, disturbing, and did not fit with my upbringing.

I have studied so many years, so many mystics, and they all say, in the end, the exact same thing. Hurting another person, it's just hurting yourself. I don't know when this planet Earth will ever learn, when we will ever experience universal enlightenment. But my soul is gettting very agitated, my spirit also wants to go forward, joining The Void, which is not really empty at all, but full of the loving spirit of universal consciousness…

I am seeing my doctor at 4 PM, as I am so certain, no doubts, that I must exit this planet. I am also at the stage where I am starting to choke, and I don't want to choke to death. Very unpleasant. So, my friends, I hope all of you find what you're looking for, and that you all know that you were my digital heart. Marilyn

    • i wish i could help jul, Tue May 23 20:54
      i'm so sorry. i keep reading your post and cry. how awful our life is. i'm thinking about u all the time.
      • Re: i wish i could help Bachmann, Sun May 28 16:45
        I am not sure why we win this terrible lottery. I have no answers. I do know that I don't particularly like what I am seen as far as direction of the world…... more
        • Re: i wish i could help Marilyn Bachmann, Sun May 28 16:51
          All Conspiracy? http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/stephen-harper-bohemian-colin-powell-1.3764739 I think it usually takes place in July,, but they've moved it up.
      • So so Sorry Marilyn Bachmann, Wed May 24 22:10
        I have not spoken with the doctor that would perform this procedure, so the process is not about to happen imminently anyway. So I have to discuss with this doctor what my options are… My concern has ... more
        • good to hear from you, Marilyn! Cathy S, Thu May 25 07:30
          Marilyn, Delighted to hear from you and that you are currently in a good place. Last time you were on you were probably just having a bad day, we all have them all too frequently! We have to try to... more
        • You have so much to offer. I always look forward to your posts. David is a good incentive and He would miss you terribly as we would. A lot of prayers are being said for you. Jeanie :)
          • Re: I am elated that you will still be posting > Marilyn Bachmann, Thu May 25 16:57
            A Bouquet Of Thanks… I know it may sound like New Age hooey, but I really did get the strong feeling that I have to face the music… I truly believe this life will only improve when each individual... more
      • Anyone heard from Marilyn? Cathy S, Wed May 24 15:59
        Dear Jul, Thank you for your response. Has anyone heard from Marilyn? - I have been extremely worried about her. It’s awful having tried so hard for so long to keep going and keep on top of this... more
    • On life's journey Cathy S, Tue May 23 10:55
      Marilyn, Are you still with us? -Please respond if you can.
    • I too am sad to hear this JoyceF, Sat May 20 15:31
      but I know what you mean about not wanting to choke to death but rather go out on your own terms so to speak. I wish I had some advise or any other options to give you. I too am just searching and... more
    • On life's journey Cathy S, Sat May 20 14:00
      Marilyn, I’m sorry to read of your decision to terminate your existence on this planet. I’ve read just a little about Edgar Casey and as I thought, his theories and methods are definitely malignant... more
    • How will we manage without your knowledge? I for one have learned so much from you and appreciate all your contributions to this board. I hope your choking goes away and you can be here longer.... more
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