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I too am sad to hear this
Sat May 20, 2017 15:31

but I know what you mean about not wanting to choke to death but rather go out on your own terms so to speak. I wish I had some advise or any other options to give you. I too am just searching and hoping that before the end there will be an answer. None of us really know what is in store for us.
I agree with Jeannie though, that you will be missed greatly around these parts. I can only hope that you find something before you decide to throw in the towel, we can only hope.
I too love reading and learning all that you post and yes, you are certainly the glue that holds us all together here.

  • On Life's Journey… Marilyn Bachmann, Fri May 19 16:27
    I have met so many wonderful souls on my life journey. I am so glad I have shared my life journey with many of these fellow travelers, but in last week, I have come to realize that my time here is... more
    • i wish i could help jul, Tue May 23 20:54
      i'm so sorry. i keep reading your post and cry. how awful our life is. i'm thinking about u all the time.
      • Re: i wish i could help Bachmann, Sun May 28 16:45
        I am not sure why we win this terrible lottery. I have no answers. I do know that I don't particularly like what I am seen as far as direction of the world…... more
        • Re: i wish i could help Marilyn Bachmann, Sun May 28 16:51
          All Conspiracy? http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/stephen-harper-bohemian-colin-powell-1.3764739 I think it usually takes place in July,, but they've moved it up.
      • So so Sorry Marilyn Bachmann, Wed May 24 22:10
        I have not spoken with the doctor that would perform this procedure, so the process is not about to happen imminently anyway. So I have to discuss with this doctor what my options are… My concern has ... more
        • good to hear from you, Marilyn! Cathy S, Thu May 25 07:30
          Marilyn, Delighted to hear from you and that you are currently in a good place. Last time you were on you were probably just having a bad day, we all have them all too frequently! We have to try to... more
        • You have so much to offer. I always look forward to your posts. David is a good incentive and He would miss you terribly as we would. A lot of prayers are being said for you. Jeanie :)
          • Re: I am elated that you will still be posting > Marilyn Bachmann, Thu May 25 16:57
            A Bouquet Of Thanks… I know it may sound like New Age hooey, but I really did get the strong feeling that I have to face the music… I truly believe this life will only improve when each individual... more
      • Anyone heard from Marilyn? Cathy S, Wed May 24 15:59
        Dear Jul, Thank you for your response. Has anyone heard from Marilyn? - I have been extremely worried about her. It’s awful having tried so hard for so long to keep going and keep on top of this... more
    • On life's journey Cathy S, Tue May 23 10:55
      Marilyn, Are you still with us? -Please respond if you can.
    • I too am sad to hear this JoyceF, Sat May 20 15:31
    • On life's journey Cathy S, Sat May 20 14:00
      Marilyn, I’m sorry to read of your decision to terminate your existence on this planet. I’ve read just a little about Edgar Casey and as I thought, his theories and methods are definitely malignant... more
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