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Marilyn Bachmann
Freemasonry in action…
Thu Jun 1, 2017 14:36


Freemasons love this kind of stuff… Ever wonder why all these billionaires are so old? Why the British monarchy was so damn long…

  • Antibiotic Resistant solution? Marilyn Bachmann, Thu Jun 1 13:53
    https://arstechnica.com/science/2017/05/killer-antibiotic-now-25000x-more-potent-and-resistant-to-drug-resistance/ Some hope about this… I continue to nebulise every day, the zeolite, silver,... more
    • Freemasonry in action… Marilyn Bachmann, Thu Jun 1 14:36
      • New Blood? Marilyn Bachmann, Thu Jun 1 14:40
        http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-4562978/Injections-young-blood-protect-against-Alzheimer-s.html Makes me wonder why my phlebotomy worked so well… Creating new blood by removal of old… Weird ... more
        • Re: New Blood? Marilyn Bachmann, Fri Jun 2 16:35
          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmMF47ffrvQ Went to the mineral story yesterday, purchased an amethyst/purple crystal geode… Always have wanted one, and yesterday was my anniversary, this stone is... more
          • crown chakra Chantal, Sat Jun 3 00:42
            Marilyn Your post reminded me of something I read yrs ago, when we were on Metals list.It was written by a chiropractor/energy worker. He said that mercury interferes with the crown chakra, which I... more
            • Re: crown chakra Marilyn Bachmann, Sat Jun 3 16:28
              I went to the crystal store because (whoo-whoo) I felt a great easing of my black heart, my sensing that evil is huge, gaining ground, but then I just felt a great burden lifting…... more
              • crystals, Edgar Casey etc., Cathy S, Sun Jun 4 16:12
                Marilyn, I won’t mess around…. But I feel that I must jump in here! As a committed Christian, we have been warned about all these things that you are into we are told to stay away from them for a... more
                • Re: crystals, Edgar Casey etc., Marilyn Bachmann, Sun Jun 4 17:00
                  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=En-VTreZMTs I am far more wary of Freemasons, the Jesuits, worshiping Lucifer… I think we're in very interesting times, maybe not in a good way, I really think there... more
                  • crystals, Edgar Casey etc., Cathy S, Mon Jun 5 15:37
                    Marilyn, I viewed the link and I must confess that it didn’t make much sense to me. Actually, I could barely understand him! (I’m living in Ireland so I am completely unfamiliar with U. S.... more
                    • Good must prevail… Marilyn Bachmann, Mon Jun 5 16:48
                      I agree… The whole idea of a one world government, etc. is insane, the problem is the idea keeps reinventing itself. And the scary part is that technology will be undefeatable unless people start to... more
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