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crystals, Edgar Casey etc.,
Sun Jun 4, 2017 16:12

I won’t mess around…. But I feel that I must jump in here! As a committed Christian, we have been warned about all these things that you are into we are told to stay away from them for a very good reason. Do you realize that you are dancing with demons? All these therapies and practices either have their origins in Eastern mysticism or plain old pagan Druidism, most of which, nowadays make up the ‘New Age’ movement.
(I know nothing about this George Webb and all the other U.S. conspiracy theories, goodness knows that we have enough problems of our own!). -the whole world is emerged in a cesspit of corruption, which doesn’t warrant thinking about!
As for these ‘crystals’, and I quote from yourself: “When I brought my amethyst geode home,. it named itself Merlin. Yes, I'm crazy, but I'm a happy crazy.’ It named itself Merlin… -I wonder how it managed to do that? Firstly, Merlin is a pagan sorceror with powerful magical powers, the powers behind these sorcerors was invarably a demon, and a powerful one at that! -these demons are very much virulent today and are only too willing to manifest themselves! Marilyn, with all your knowledge and learning, where has it all led you to? I really respectfully suggest that you should seriously consider studying spiritual warfare before you find yourself led into a deep, dark void of depression and despair in a stifling, sulfuric smoke which you find yourself smothered in with no way out….

  • Re: crown chakra Marilyn Bachmann, Sat Jun 3 16:28
    I went to the crystal store because (whoo-whoo) I felt a great easing of my black heart, my sensing that evil is huge, gaining ground, but then I just felt a great burden lifting…... more
    • crystals, Edgar Casey etc., Cathy S, Sun Jun 4 16:12
      • Re: crystals, Edgar Casey etc., Marilyn Bachmann, Sun Jun 4 17:00
        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=En-VTreZMTs I am far more wary of Freemasons, the Jesuits, worshiping Lucifer… I think we're in very interesting times, maybe not in a good way, I really think there... more
        • crystals, Edgar Casey etc., Cathy S, Mon Jun 5 15:37
          Marilyn, I viewed the link and I must confess that it didn’t make much sense to me. Actually, I could barely understand him! (I’m living in Ireland so I am completely unfamiliar with U. S.... more
          • Good must prevail… Marilyn Bachmann, Mon Jun 5 16:48
            I agree… The whole idea of a one world government, etc. is insane, the problem is the idea keeps reinventing itself. And the scary part is that technology will be undefeatable unless people start to... more
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