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The new project
Mon Jun 12, 2017 11:18

Glad to hear of your new enterprise. I can fully empathise with your experience with the MS society etc., and they not wanting to know about how actually bad MS can become for some of us, especially as it progresses towards the end for some of us unlucky ones! PPMS is really a b**** h of a condition, impossible to beat (goodness knows we’ve tried hard enough!), I know when I was first diagnosed, I would have dreaded the thought that I would have ended up in a nursing home, paralized and unable to do anything for myself.
-the endless hospital admissions, (and the torture involved, especially with a chest infection – and having to be suctioned four times a day!). And the fact that they have taken everything away from me, my income, and lately, all my supplements which were keeping me somewhat right! OH, I could go on, but I might only depress people further…

  • Re: My Story, a new project Marilyn Bachmann, Sun Jun 11 14:13
    I met with my volunteer biographer yesterday, and I know that we are in a synchronicity relationship because she is familiar with Edgar Casey, etc. My goal is to create an "archetype" story that is... more
    • The new project Cathy S, Mon Jun 12 11:18
      • Re: The new project Marilyn Bachmann, Mon Jun 12 16:18
        http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/hundreds-of-immigrants-use-washington-state-to-sneak-into-canada-for-asylum/ I do not expect the Canadian healthcare system to survive after I read articles... more
        • The new project Cathy S, Mon Jun 12 18:05
          Marilyn, yes, history constantly repeats the same pattern, humanity never does learn! One would imagine after the last world war that it would have put manners on the human race! -but no, sadly, it... more
          • Re: The new project Marilyn Bachmann, Tue Jun 13 16:26
            My Volunteer may or may not come today, to cover teen years. It's an interesting exercise, remembering the entire span of yourr existence. Certainnly, my life did not go where I expected. I also... more
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