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Sat Jun 24, 2017 15:13

I wish I could say something to mitigate your unfortunate predicament, but as I am in an even worse situation, all I can do is sympathise with you. As I have already said, I am in a nursing home, against my will, with everything taken away from me.
When I was living at home, I had at least, the freedom to come and go as I wished and to take whatever I wanted, when I wanted, now, I am not ‘allowed«' to go where I want, take what I want, (they have also taken all my income), in fact, I am stuck on the bed, staring at the ceiling, going downhill at a rapid pace! Needless to mention, I wish I was dead!
So, in other words, I can’t blame you for wanting out! None of my family come to visit me, they never ring or enquire about me, couldn’t care less whether I was dead or alive! They are all too busy… And of course, there are no friends anymore!. They are all so careless with my personal hygiene and my things here (as if I get things for nothing!), -it drives me mad!
They keep telling us that we are entitled to freedom of choice and human rights – when it suits them. They are torturing me to death and tell me then that it is all for my own good! At least assistance in the matter is more humane (can I come with you?).
Then my guilty gaze turns upon Christ upon the cross.

  • Re: EU decides vaccines are dangerous Marilyn Bachmann, Fri Jun 23 14:47
    I did not have the physical ability or the bravery to try this when I was younger I might've been impromptu enough to try this out, but such experiences are now going to be for others. I do think... more
    • Sympathise! Cathy S, Sat Jun 24 15:13
      • Re: Sympathise! Marilyn Bachmann, Mon Jun 26 16:29
        Well, watching the cuts in Medicaid in the United States is simply a foreboding of what will happen in Canada. I've been predicting this and the illegal "asylum-seekers", many have already have jobs… ... more
        • Sympathise! Cathy S, Thu Jun 29 15:11
          Marilyn, I am sorry to hear that you have decided to exit this life. In one respect, I can’t blame you for wanting out! -I know better than anybody what it feels like to be at the end of ones journey ... more
          • Re: Sympathise! Marilyn Bachmann, Thu Jun 29 16:16
            I am not going to give up so easily, I find this whole situation to be totally unfair and I have decided to make a new family. I was on the conference call last night, and I think there's a number of ... more
        • Oh my goodness JoyeF, Thu Jun 29 12:24
          I didn't have any idea that things were so bad between you and your husband. I did notice that you have not talked about him in your postings for quite some time. You have every right to be... more
          • Re: Oh my goodness Marilyn Bachmann, Thu Jun 29 16:21
            42 years, but you are right. I never talk about it, it has been very depressing to watch the increase in hostility, and I have to get out. Think goodness the Canadian healthcare system will remove me ... more
            • Re: Oh my goodness Marilyn Bachmann, Sun Jul 2 18:45
              I have no idea whether I can manage any of this, especially feeling unmoored… I have no idea what people experience living with severely disabled wives, but I know it must not be what anyone would... more
              • ditto... Cathy S, Mon Jul 3 08:45
                Marilyn, I can understand how you feel. I too have learned to keep my mouth shut! People just don’t want to understand or even to sincerely know how you are feeling, oh, sometimes they will make an... more
                • Re: ditto... Marilyn Bachmann, Mon Jul 3 16:29
                  The Way Things Are Going, they're gonna crucify me… I personally think that this crazy idea this less crazy all the time… Real estate in Ocean Shores so much cheaper than in this area, the living... more
                  • Your new life! Cathy S, Tue Jul 4 10:49
                    Marilyn, They are already making a fairly good job at Crucifying me here! -and then they have the cheek to tell me this it’s all for my own good! If only they would leave me alone! I do hope that you ... more
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