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Ted Shiskin
taurine, short stories
Sat Jun 24, 2017 16:45

in the last several months I've been taking five touring tablets a day in my spasms decreased significantly. I have progressive MS for 22 years. I have been writing And painting. My right hand gave out 56 years ago and I started with my left and it looks just like I did it with my right hand. If you have nothing to do and like to read I have a book which you can buy online by searching for
Golden Treasures Ted Shiskin author. Search for it that way. If you could send me your emails and would be interested I can send you some of my short stories to see if you like them they are very exciting short with surprises and twists.

    • Hi Ted JoyceF, Mon Jul 24 16:01
      I would love to see some of your work Ted...I love surprises and twists...thanks much. Just click on my name for e-mail
    • Re: taurine, short stories Marilyn Bachmann, Sun Jul 9 21:36
      thanks for your testimonial! I will try that, although taurine was high when I had my amino acid test… Glutamine will lower taurine… Fellow wordsmith, you give me an idea. I have written short... more
      • short stories Ted Shiskin, Mon Jul 10 15:21
        A short story or even novel website by MS patients could be interesting. Someone would have to know how to set it up. If anybody is interested I have a collection of short stories online that can be... more
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