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Marilyn Bachmann
Re: Oh my goodness
Sun Jul 2, 2017 18:45

I have no idea whether I can manage any of this, especially feeling unmoored… I have no idea what people experience living with severely disabled wives, but I know it must not be what anyone would choose. I also don't know if the less selfish thing to do would be be gone. I feel like I am full of space, not solid. Frankly, no one knows what to do with me, that is the message in itself.

I should've stayed quiet, kept my pain to myself. But I snapped, it was too much on top of everything physical. So now, guilt is overwhelming… My advice is never ever reveal how much your life sucks…

  • Re: Oh my goodness Marilyn Bachmann, Thu Jun 29 16:21
    42 years, but you are right. I never talk about it, it has been very depressing to watch the increase in hostility, and I have to get out. Think goodness the Canadian healthcare system will remove me ... more
    • Re: Oh my goodness Marilyn Bachmann, Sun Jul 2 18:45
      • ditto... Cathy S, Mon Jul 3 08:45
        Marilyn, I can understand how you feel. I too have learned to keep my mouth shut! People just don’t want to understand or even to sincerely know how you are feeling, oh, sometimes they will make an... more
        • Re: ditto... Marilyn Bachmann, Mon Jul 3 16:29
          The Way Things Are Going, they're gonna crucify me… I personally think that this crazy idea this less crazy all the time… Real estate in Ocean Shores so much cheaper than in this area, the living... more
          • Your new life! Cathy S, Tue Jul 4 10:49
            Marilyn, They are already making a fairly good job at Crucifying me here! -and then they have the cheek to tell me this it’s all for my own good! If only they would leave me alone! I do hope that you ... more
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