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Mon Jul 3, 2017 08:45

I can understand how you feel. I too have learned to keep my mouth shut! People just don’t want to understand or even to sincerely know how you are feeling, oh, sometimes they will make an attempt at sympathizing with you, that’s if they should come across you (I suppose you can’t blame them really, they don’t suffer the same illness, so therefore can’t know how it feels).
I have found the most hurtful ‘affronts’ come from ones family, especially as they make no attempt at hiding the fact that they want to be rid of you, and as for the men –they just can’t handle it at all! So I can’t imagine how your husband feels, he probably doesn’t know what to do with you! (it must be extra hard after over 40 years of marriage). At least you still have the freedom to choose (if that’s any consolation!). Avoid missing homes anyway… Having been dumped in a nursing home, nobody comes to visit anymore, you don’t be long getting forgotten about!
I hear that your P.M., Justin Trudeau, is over here in Ireland visiting at the moment!

  • Re: Oh my goodness Marilyn Bachmann, Sun Jul 2 18:45
    I have no idea whether I can manage any of this, especially feeling unmoored… I have no idea what people experience living with severely disabled wives, but I know it must not be what anyone would... more
    • ditto... Cathy S, Mon Jul 3 08:45
      • Re: ditto... Marilyn Bachmann, Mon Jul 3 16:29
        The Way Things Are Going, they're gonna crucify me… I personally think that this crazy idea this less crazy all the time… Real estate in Ocean Shores so much cheaper than in this area, the living... more
        • Your new life! Cathy S, Tue Jul 4 10:49
          Marilyn, They are already making a fairly good job at Crucifying me here! -and then they have the cheek to tell me this it’s all for my own good! If only they would leave me alone! I do hope that you ... more
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