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Marilyn Bachmann
Re: ditto...
Mon Jul 3, 2017 16:29

The Way Things Are Going, they're gonna crucify me…

I personally think that this crazy idea this less crazy all the time… Real estate in Ocean Shores so much cheaper than in this area, the living index is not too steep… And there's the beach! Waterfront property is something I've always dreamed of living on, one vacation on Cape Cod, I was able to get up in the morning, sit on the balcony and drink my coffee. It was so so divine… I am determined to make whatever time I have left the best it can be. So I will have to stay STRONG and determined and brave. Can you fly? I want people to come visit.

  • ditto... Cathy S, Mon Jul 3 08:45
    Marilyn, I can understand how you feel. I too have learned to keep my mouth shut! People just don’t want to understand or even to sincerely know how you are feeling, oh, sometimes they will make an... more
    • Re: ditto... Marilyn Bachmann, Mon Jul 3 16:29
      • Your new life! Cathy S, Tue Jul 4 10:49
        Marilyn, They are already making a fairly good job at Crucifying me here! -and then they have the cheek to tell me this it’s all for my own good! If only they would leave me alone! I do hope that you ... more
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