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Your new life!
Tue Jul 4, 2017 10:49

They are already making a fairly good job at Crucifying me here! -and then they have the cheek to tell me this it’s all for my own good! If only they would leave me alone!
I do hope that you get your home in Ocean Shores and that everything works out well for you. You have some big decisions to make in front of you, which I sure you will have no problem in resolving to your satisfaction. -A whole new life in front of you, exciting! -and by the sea, quite lovely! It has always been a dream of mine to live by the sea!
I would love to visit you but it would involve moving mountains to get there! However, nothing is impossible, we might be half dead but that only makes me more determined to do what I want! I firmly believe if the Good Lord Wills it, I shall get there! -here’s hoping…

  • Re: ditto... Marilyn Bachmann, Mon Jul 3 16:29
    The Way Things Are Going, they're gonna crucify me… I personally think that this crazy idea this less crazy all the time… Real estate in Ocean Shores so much cheaper than in this area, the living... more
    • Your new life! Cathy S, Tue Jul 4 10:49
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