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Biotin & Alpha Lipoic Acid what dosage ??
Sun Jul 9, 2017 12:06

I have firmly decided not to take Tysabri ! I have the JC virus and even though the risk for me contracting PML is still very low, I do not want a therapy that will reak havoc on my compromised immune system. I have been reading about Biotin & Alpha Lipoic acid possibly being beneficial to ms sufferers ? But the dosage amount of Biotin would require me to basically take a whole bottle every 2 days. Do they have other dosages ?? And what is the proper dosage for Alpha lipoic acid ????

    • biotin arlene , Tue Jul 11 11:31
      there is a facebook group called Biotin for Progressive MS with lots of great info, i.e. where to buy, dosage, etc I take 100 mg 3X day good luck
      • Re: Biotin. Anonymous, Wed Jul 12 05:35
        Thanks Arlene, May I ask how long you have been taking Biotin 100 mg 3x a day and have you noticed anything ? What is your overall view on Biotin supplementation.
        • biotin arlene , Wed Jul 12 11:17
          about a year. I'm wheelchair bound but it has helped spasticity. I think it's helped some with incontinence. if u join the facebook group it has the improvement others are noticing. good luck
    • i'VE BEEN TAKING BIOTIN FOR A YEAR NOW 100MG 3 TIMES A DAY i BUY IT HERE IN BULK powder form https://purebulk.com/ YOU MUST GET A JEWERLER'S SCALE i GOT MINE ON AMAZON b search: gram scale :
    • http://www.metabiome.com
      • Thank You. Anonymous, Mon Jul 10 03:21
        Thanks for the info Big Al.
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