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Marilyn Bachmann
Re: Divorce Coming up…
Sun Jul 9, 2017 14:26

I do not know what all the legal ramifications of his actions because now Canadian social services are heavily involved. It is obvious that he is not going to be considered a safe guardian, and I cannot live with all of the silence/disrespect and even sometimes refusal to help.

The trouble is, no one knows what to do with me. They have no emergency shelters for women in wheelchairs, no residential beds available, and my counselor says we are going to have to be very careful that I do not and tthis is a real possibility, end up homeless.my staff is traumatized and one has given notice, and that's going to be a future issue because I wouldn't want this job either, not with this atmosphere. So I am checking out how fast I can get into a local facility, there is one 2 blocks away that I'm trying to get a respite bed. $$$$ . It would've been much more financially sensible for him to be civil. I do not feel safe relying on his "care" and I am scrambling to cover nighttime shifts on such short notice.. My poor cat is traumatized too, so everything melted down, and that's what I am going to have to deal with. I have to stay strong.. The local facility has Wi-Fi, which I could live without, and I will tour the place tomorrow and get down on my knees if I have to, and plead for a respite or normal room. What an idiot, this is going to be financially devastating. To both of us.

But at this point I am safe, I have 2 interviews for nighttime shifts, which are actually easier to cover. So I'm still at home, getting care, but feeling finished. I cannot depend on my husband anymore to work in my best interests… I sound kind of matter of fact, but inside I am empty, and wondering how lonely the future will be.

  • Re: Divorce Coming up… johanne F, Sat Jul 8 22:20
    couldn't he wait to have you settled. after all you've been together for years. It should be the logical, nice thing to do.
    • Re: Divorce Coming up… Marilyn Bachmann, Sun Jul 9 14:26
      • divorce coming up... Cathy S, Mon Jul 10 09:37
        Marilyn, There is no point in me extending any sympathy to you as it would be useless to you in the present circumstances! All I can say is: “Join the club’! As they say: “live’s a bitch”! I think... more
        • Re: divorce coming up... JOHANNE F, Mon Jul 10 10:27
          mARYLYN, If there was an equipment that could keep you standing with almost no effort on your part,could you keep living in your home with some help? This plateforme is for people who have spinalcord ... more
          • Re: divorce coming up... Marilyn Bachmann, Thu Jul 13 14:35
            It has been a whirlwind of appointments with therapists, social workers, etc. I really don't know where this will all go, but I am going to tour and very close by facility at 3 p.m. to see whether I... more
            • Re: divorce coming up... Marilyn Bachmann, Fri Jul 14 15:08
              Saw a psychologist with the PhD, and David and I have decided to try to work through some of these issues…
              • I agree JoyceF, Sun Jul 16 17:43
                that it's the least he can do to at least look at things ab-nd try to work through any issues. It's a start anyway. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and am so hoping things work out in your... more
              • helpful to you. After so many years he owes you that. Stay strong we are all rooting for you and praying for you. Jeanie :)
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