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Marilyn Bachmann
Re: divorce coming up...
Fri Jul 14, 2017 15:08

Saw a psychologist with the PhD, and David and I have decided to try to work through some of these issues…

  • Re: divorce coming up... Marilyn Bachmann, Thu Jul 13 14:35
    It has been a whirlwind of appointments with therapists, social workers, etc. I really don't know where this will all go, but I am going to tour and very close by facility at 3 p.m. to see whether I... more
    • Re: divorce coming up... Marilyn Bachmann, Fri Jul 14 15:08
      • I agree JoyceF, Sun Jul 16 17:43
        that it's the least he can do to at least look at things ab-nd try to work through any issues. It's a start anyway. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and am so hoping things work out in your... more
      • helpful to you. After so many years he owes you that. Stay strong we are all rooting for you and praying for you. Jeanie :)
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