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Marilyn Bachmann
Back Home Again
Wed Jul 19, 2017 14:50

I was in the hospital from Friday afternoon to yesterday afternoon. I called 911 because I was having abnormal especially for me, high blood pressure, racing heartbeat, no temperature, which has completely puzzled my GP and the cardiac nurse,, who commented she could hear my bowels, and that usually indicated a thyroid storm. So they ran one panel on Friday, but the normal results were abnormal for me, so yesterday they did another blood draw… All vitals have normalized, and I feel fine, except for probably losing weight again as hospital food sucks, really sucks. So I'm waiting for a bunch of lab results, which will hopefully clarify the situation…

    • Let us know when you hear please. You > Jeanie Z, Thu Jul 20 11:31
      are still in my prayers. Jeanie :)
      • Re: Let us know when you hear please. You > Marilyn Bachmann, Thu Jul 20 15:39
        Back Home Again! Went into the ER yesterday with a clear bladder infection, so spent the night in hospital, on Cipro, but I think I developed the infection due to the fact that I was not drinking... more
        • Re: Let us know when you hear please. You > Marilyn Bachmann, Fri Jul 21 17:47
          Well, I was only home for one day, and again Wednesday, another trip to the ER, this time for a bladder infection, and I am now on Cipro. I don't have a fever, it was more burning sensation… So I am... more
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