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Marilyn Bachmann
Touching Base…
Thu Jul 27, 2017 15:36

Hi There, there is so much to relate. I can't. I have been in the hospital for 4 days, discharge for one day, back in the following day for a bladder infection… So I have not been online, one my computer seems to be rather useless right now, two, there is no Wi-Fi in these hospitals/facilities for the most part… I am working with my GP, social workers, etc., because my husband went to Toronto, without really knowing whether I would have coverage for overnights. The lawn is overgrown, there's a huge wasps nest that I have to eradicate, everything looks neglected because it is. So I've had to scramble to hire people to do all these different things… My GP is so supportive,, I've had at the same one 12 years, and he knows me really well, always commenting that I am never boring! I will keep touching base, just know that I am still around, and will try to be a more frequent visitor. Love you guys!

    • with. David is being very unkind. I will add more prayers for you. You are an inspiration. Jeanie :)
    • Oh marilyn.... JoyceF, Fri Jul 28 11:33
      You have so much on your plate. I am so not sure how you are able to deal with all these things. I wish I was closer and could help you. Are there no social service things that could give you some... more
      • Re: Oh marilyn.... Marilyn Bachmann, Fri Aug 18 16:23
        wwell, nothings improved. Still in hospital… Asking for medical aid in dying for next week. So I have to say thank you all for your many years of kindness, but life is leaving me few choices and that ... more
        • I am so sad JoyceF, Sun Aug 20 17:07
          and will miss you dear friend.{{{{hugs}}}}
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