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Tysabri or Ocrevus ??
Fri Aug 18, 2017 23:02

I have SPMS, I have not been on an ms therapy medication in over 10 years. I am basically wheel chair bound and my body is wracked with pain, I am stiff and my body spasms all the time, it is excruciating uncomfortable and painful.

I was going to go on Tysabri, even though I have the JC virus and I do not have rrms, in any event my Dr said I could go on Tysabri and even with the JC virus he chances of getting PML especially during the 1st 2 years is very very rare. I still decided not to take Tysabri.

I have heard about Ocrevus which was formally Rituxinab
and it came back on the market in March, It also has side effects but it has some benefit too as does Tysabi. I am scared, I do not know what to do, this is torture.

I have tried going the holistic route for the last 10 years ans I have seen my mobility go from bad to worse to beyond worse.

I am going to go on an ms therapy, I have to, living like this unbearable. I do not want to live with this unbearable pain, stiffness and mobility issues.

I tried so hard to go the natural route it does not work for me. I am scared bu I am going to reluctantly try Ocrevus.

    • natural help for MS Ted, Mon Aug 28 17:10
      I have progressive MS since 1995. Was walking until I had radiation for prostate cancer. and osteopath put me on supplements and vitamins 20 years ago. My right side and right arm are weak. I was an... more
    • Re: Tysabri or Ocrevus ?? johanneF, Sat Aug 19 20:05
      ask your neuro to try medical cannabis. It's very good for pain and doesn't get you high
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