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Re: Tysabri or Ocrevus ??
Sat Aug 19, 2017 20:05

ask your neuro to try medical cannabis. It's very good for pain and doesn't get you high

  • Tysabri or Ocrevus ?? Anonymous, Fri Aug 18 23:02
    I have SPMS, I have not been on an ms therapy medication in over 10 years. I am basically wheel chair bound and my body is wracked with pain, I am stiff and my body spasms all the time, it is... more
    • natural help for MS Ted, Mon Aug 28 17:10
      I have progressive MS since 1995. Was walking until I had radiation for prostate cancer. and osteopath put me on supplements and vitamins 20 years ago. My right side and right arm are weak. I was an... more
    • Re: Tysabri or Ocrevus ?? johanneF, Sat Aug 19 20:05
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