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Long time...
Wed Aug 23, 2017 01:16

Sorry to hear. It's been years since I posted here but I see some activity here. I'm sure we'll always remember Marilyn from here.

-- LarryLDN, still on LDN 3.0, since 4/2003

  • Marilyn Bachmann Dave Bachmann, Mon Aug 21 21:23
    Marilyn chose Medical Assistance in Dying on Monday morning and did not think it a coincidence that she would be leaving during an eclipse. We had a fine day on Sunday reviewing old pictures,... more
    • Dave how are you doing. > Jeanie Z, Sat Sep 2 14:30
      You are in my prayers. Jeanie :)
      • Re: Dave how are you doing. > Scott Balliet , Thu Sep 21 16:09
        I'm crying for a strong women who helped me so much. I can't say anymore
        • Thank you for posting. > Jeanie Z, Thu Sep 21 17:08
          Please check in every few weeks and let us know how you are. I miss Marilyn. Thanks, Jeanie :)
      • Re: Dave how are you doing. > Dave Bachmann, Tue Sep 5 12:05
        Thanx for the thought, Jeanie. It'll be a while before I discover what the new normal will be, but I'm keeping busy doing that which needs to be done.
    • Re: Marilyn Bachmann Big Al, Tue Aug 29 10:21
      Will surely be missing her. A wonderful person. And an inspiration.
    • re; Marilyn Bachmann RLG, Thu Aug 24 13:02
      I hope she has finally found the peace that we are all looking for. RIP
    • Long time... LarryLDN, Wed Aug 23 01:16
    • Marilyns passing Cathy, Tue Aug 22 16:12
      Dave, Thank you so much for letting us know about Marilyns passing. She will be very much missed. She contributed so much to this board over so many years. Even though we didnít know her personally,... more
      • Marilyn JoyceF, Thu Aug 24 11:59
        I agree with all that has been said here. Marilyn was such a light in all the darkness to us here. She was so intelligent and such a crusader really. We all really appreciated all that she researched ... more
    • Dave thank you for letting us know. > Jeanie Z, Tue Aug 22 14:11
      Marilyn taught us all so many things. She will be missed. Marilyn appreciated all you did for her and that you were supportive of this. Take good care of you. Thanks again for letting us know. Jeanie ... more
    • Marilyn passing Grandma D, Tue Aug 22 01:37
      I am so sorry to see this. Marilyn will be missed very dearly. This "disease" that we all have is so very cruel! If diet alone could cure us, we would all be terrific! I have been watching webinars,... more
      • Re: Marilyn passing johanne f, Tue Aug 22 07:19
        I am so sorry Marilyn had to choose this end because of MS and inadequate health system for home care. I know she is at peace now and probably watching over us. thank you Marilyn for all the research ... more
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