Histamine, LDN & Lyme Dx MS Therapies

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rex kramer
re: JoyeF
Wed Sep 13, 2017 11:59

I have noticed subtle changes that I hope will continue to improve. If you want to strengthen your immune system and protect your body from invasive organisms, then I recommend having exposure to healing oils using whatever delivery system (transdermal, sublingual, aromatherapy, etc...) you are comfortable using. I know how my MS began, invasive organism, and I also know that every infection (cold, flu) thereafter caused a slight deterioration in one or more of my body's functions/abilities. For the most part, a healthy body does not just suddenly begin to fall apart; This is most often preceded by the introduction of something that is foreign and deleterious to your well-being. Just because science hasn't been able to irrefutably identify an organism that they can link to every single case of MS does not mean that this disease was not caused by an as of yet unidentifiable-and may never be- bacteria, virus, mycoplasma, etc... If you look at the MS cases that have stabilized/improved from a vegetarian/vegan diet you have to assume this occurred because you created an alkaline environment that is NOT hospitable to bacteria/viruses/etc... To protect itself the invasive organism fortifies itself with encapsulation/biofilm until the environment around it is once again hospitable; so yes, the changes you make have to be a lifelong commitment. Hope this has helped. Good luck & be safe in all of your endeavors. Sorry about the rambling. :-)

  • Hi Rex JoyeF, Sun Sep 10 13:16
    What have you noticed, if anything.
    • re: JoyeF rex kramer, Wed Sep 13 11:59
      • Intersting theory JoyceF, Thu Sep 14 13:25
        I think that I have noticed the same thing actually. I would get sick and afterwards I would feel that things progressed. I'm going to look into the oils. I am also a fan of silver. Found a really... more
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