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Sun Jan 7, 2018 12:36

17 YEARS ago I met MB on this site. I was a newbie and really didn't understand all of the complications of MS. MB started me down a path of exploration. She wasn't always, in my opinion, nice to me but I have begun to realize that in her direct approach she taught me more than just about anyone else. I would come to this site daily to she what new stuff she was looking at. We probably "talked" with one another 3-4 times a month. Here is where I got the "real deal" on being a patient.
I can say, she taught me how to be a proactive patient Now in my present condition I hold the memory of her quite dear.I wish she was here now so I could incorporate her learnings and faith into my own challenges but I completely understand why she choose to fight this battle on another plane.
I picture her with our Lord, smiling, happy and healthy at last I have missed her and will continue to keep her in my prayers

  • You will never be forgotten Marilyn GoofdShape, Tue Aug 22 16:00
    We have been blessed and honored by Marilyn Bachmann's thousands of Messages on this Message Board for over 17 years. Marilyn has inspired Multiple Sclerosis sufferers with hundreds of Hope and... more
    • MARYLYN DR.SKIP, Sun Jan 7 12:36
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