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thyroid problems...
Wed Feb 7, 2018 17:11

Hi all!
How is everyone doing? This board is very quiet lately, Marilyn is much missed! It has become very evident that a lot of women have thyroid problems. Im just wondering how many have thyroid problems with MS?
I have this young lady friend in her early 30 who is taking 200 mg of thyroxine daily which seems to me to be rather excessive. She has been to all the specialists including an endocrinologist none of whom can come up with an explanation as to the cause.
Personally, my own thyroid has been underactive for many years and yet Im only taking 50mg thyroxine daily, my mother had no thyroid for the past 45 yrs and she is only taking 100mg thyroxine -the young lady concerned is a perplexing case and I wonder would anyone have any idea what the problem might be?

    • thyroid problems Arlene , Thu Mar 22 18:36
      There is a Facebook group called beating thyroid disease with LDN. You may want to check this out. It's mostly women. My husband took levothyroxine or the natural desiccated armour for over 30 years. ... more
    • Me too JoyceF, Wed Mar 21 15:07
      I have an underactive thyroid too. I take 60 mg of
      • oops JoyceF, Wed Mar 21 15:08
        I take60mg of Amour Thyroid daily
    • I now take 0.100 mg of Levothyroxine daily. I still have dry skin and lose hair. I now have about 1/3 the hair on my head I had when young. Cathy you are still in my prayers. How are you doing? I... more
      • hormones... Cathy , Fri Feb 9 17:21
        Jeanie Thank you for your response. I wonder why so many women suffer with thyroid problems? Mine has been giving trouble now for about the past 15yrs. During this time I have put on over 4st in... more
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