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here I am!
Tue Mar 27, 2018 16:11

Cathy here, just about mind you! Sorry for the delay in replying but I just checked in to the board. I had just spent another 15 days in hospital and boy was it rough! This time I had a very, very close call!
I had a very bad dose of the flu, they spent 1.5 days working on me trying to stabilize me but just had to give up as their efforts were unsuccessful and all they could do was shove me into a corner of the emergency department and leave me to die! Then they called in a priest to anoint me (as per my stated request – I’m Catholic).
I drifted into unconsciousness… 8hrs later I awoke to see my brother looking over me (he thought I was dead!), he shouted at the doctors that I was still alive so then they had to start treating me again. They tried several different cocktails of antibiotics + steroids - it took a week and a half to finally stabilize me.
I had a very bad chest infection and they had to suction the fluid off my lungs 4 times a day (A horrible experience!), I’ve been having this procedure for years now but you never get used to it! Then there’s the constant uro-sepsis …
Oh, the fun of it all! – no wonder Marilyn opted out - there’s only so much a body can take!
I’ve spent almost five months in hospital in the past two years and it just gets worse and worse…
Anyway here I am again ready to continue the fight!

  • David Bachman, Cathy S please check in > Jeanie Z, Mon Mar 19 14:05
    and let us know how you are. Thanks, Jeanie :)
    • Still vertical Dave Bachmann, Sun Jul 15 18:43
      Jeannie - I'm still here, but as you can tell from the delay in responding, I'm rarely on this board any more. In fact, I came here today just to verify it was still alive before sending the link to... more
    • here I am! Cathy S, Tue Mar 27 16:11
      • Cathy I am so glad you are better and > Jeanie Z, Tue Mar 27 16:30
        I appreciate you checking in. You have remained in my prayers. I am sorry you have been so ill. What a terrible experience to have. I pray your health improves. Jeanie :)
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