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Maybe this Message Board has served its purpose
Thu Jun 14, 2018 23:17

In the last few years it was Marilyn Bachman who produced a variety of medical advice that kept this Message Board alive. She was a brilliant medical researcher who was loved by many of us. Now that she is gone the Board has lost interest for many and this Summer I will be considering closing the Board.

In the first ten years most of the discussions were centered on Low Dose Naltrexone LDN and many of us were some of the first people in the world to have success with this miraculous medicine. In those days we had as many as 400 daily visitors but the next 10 years saw many new and popular LDN Message Boards and this Board settled on general medical conditions with only 50 weekly visitors.

Today most of my Internet time is spent on LDN related projects. I would love to turn this Board into an LDN Board but the facts are that there are half a dozen popular LDN Boards out there - two with over 20,000 members and all with a monitoring staff of 3 to 6 helpers. I don't thik we can compete. But we will decide this Summer

  • Neurontin & Lyrica Cathy S , Tue Jun 12 11:28
    Hi All! Is there anybody there anymore? Whatís happened to our once, very vibrant board? Did it die with Marilynís passing? Well, I thought you might be interested in the following article on... more
    • every day or so. I am not much of a researcher like Marilyn and I miss the items she always put up. Goodshape I personally thank you for this board and it gave me LDN info and now I won't go a day... more
      • HI Jeanie! Cathy S, Wed Jun 20 16:19
        Hi Jeanie! Lovely to hear from you! Iím still alive & kicking & still stuck in this nursing home & hate it with a vengeance! Since I have been here, I have spent five months in hospital... more
      • Experiment with brief LDN Holidays GoodShape , Tue Jun 19 09:19
        Jeanie, I have taken LDN the same 18 years you have. I also have endless fatigue issues but have achieved some relief with 2 or 4 day LDN Holidays. We are getting older but we can still experiment.
        • symptoms to reappear. I am able to do most things now but I am tired a lot. Living alone is harder and requires more energy. I put off grocery shopping until I don't have any good food left. Jeanie :)
    • this board Sheree Bodary, Sat Jun 16 20:21
      I have loved this board. I have gotten much info vit D, the histamine patch and other things. It's visual format makes sense to me. I find Facebook hard to follow. I guess I'm in the minority on... more
    • Maybe this Message Board has served its purpose GoodShape, Thu Jun 14 23:17
      • personally I think you are right. With Marillyn gone and no one to take her place this board has serve its purpose. I will be sad for it to close but there is no reason to keep it open if there is no ... more
        • Say what Shelly Mayberry, Fri Apr 5 22:39
          Any info here on gut health
    • Re: Neurontin & Lyrica johanne F, Wed Jun 13 17:32
      I always check out this site every other day. Sadly Marilyn was the person holding this board active with all her research.
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