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Experiment with brief LDN Holidays
Tue Jun 19, 2018 09:19

Jeanie, I have taken LDN the same 18 years you have. I also have endless fatigue issues but have achieved some relief with 2 or 4 day LDN Holidays. We are getting older but we can still experiment.

  • every day or so. I am not much of a researcher like Marilyn and I miss the items she always put up. Goodshape I personally thank you for this board and it gave me LDN info and now I won't go a day... more
    • HI Jeanie! Cathy S, Wed Jun 20 16:19
      Hi Jeanie! Lovely to hear from you! Im still alive & kicking & still stuck in this nursing home & hate it with a vengeance! Since I have been here, I have spent five months in hospital... more
    • Experiment with brief LDN Holidays GoodShape , Tue Jun 19 09:19
      • symptoms to reappear. I am able to do most things now but I am tired a lot. Living alone is harder and requires more energy. I put off grocery shopping until I don't have any good food left. Jeanie :)
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