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HI Jeanie!
Wed Jun 20, 2018 16:19

Hi Jeanie!
Lovely to hear from you! I’m still alive & kicking & still stuck in this nursing home & hate it with a vengeance! Since I have been here, I have spent five months in hospital (unprecedented) all because they have taken away all my freedom and my right to treat myself as I have always done.
They have also stopped me taking LDN (which I have been taking for the past 17 yrs, initially I got better results than I have been getting over the past number of years –I haven’t had the dramatic results that many have had. (Then again, I have chronic PPMS). I have been off it now for several months and perhaps now that I have had a break from it, maybe it’s time to start it again.
-there must be something else causing this, I think, LDN is still only masking the root cause (which may be different for everyone, hence the problem of finding the basic cause of ‘MS’.
I’m now looking closely at the MTHFR gene mutation… More (hopefully) to come: -
Caution, almost 55

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