Histamine, LDN & Lyme Dx MS Therapies

I've been on 4.5 mg of LDN since 2000.>
Thu Jun 21, 2018 14:51

Before LDN I was having new symptoms almost monthly and slowly progressing. I had progressed to the point I had bad balance and began using a scooter. A decision I made after breaking my ankle and a toe.
I have not had ANY new symptoms in these 18 years on LDN. I took Betaseron for 5 years and Avonex for 2 years and continued to get worse on both. LDN is the only thing I take for my MS since 2000. I have had MS since I was 18 and I am now 77. My progression stopped when I started LDN.
I live alone, still drive and do my own shopping, cooking, etc. My son comes and puts out my trash and recycle and mows the yard. My life is not exciting but I am happy with where I am physically and owe it all to Goodshape and LDN.
I am glad the board will go on for a while. I check it frequently. Thanks Fritz.

  • Some Ideas for Posting LDN Success Stories GoodShape, Tue Jun 19 16:23
    I don't know if this has appeared before: http://www.lowdosenaltrexone.org/goodshape.htm
    • I've been on 4.5 mg of LDN since 2000.> Jeanie Z, Thu Jun 21 14:51
    • LDN ayoung, Thu Jun 21 09:46
      My wife [67] got MS from a Flu shot in 1983. She has been on LDN for over 10 years thanks to this board and GoodShape. She has secondary progressive MS but was recently told by her neurologist -who... more
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