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Dave Bachmann
Still vertical
Sun Jul 15, 2018 18:43

Jeannie -

I'm still here, but as you can tell from the delay in responding, I'm rarely on this board any more. In fact, I came here today just to verify it was still alive before sending the link to some old friends of ours who wanted to read what Marilyn had written on MS.

Coincidentally, I've started to edit Marilyn's unpublished novels and posted a copy of "A Little Learning" to her web site (https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ah4lW7dXuag5gSjMq2cpvkugypgp) just the other day if anyone else is interested in what her non-MS writing was all about.

Be well.

  • David Bachman, Cathy S please check in > Jeanie Z, Mon Mar 19 14:05
    and let us know how you are. Thanks, Jeanie :)
    • here I am! Cathy S, Tue Mar 27 16:11
      Jeanie, Cathy here, just about mind you! Sorry for the delay in replying but I just checked in to the board. I had just spent another 15 days in hospital and boy was it rough! This time I had a very, ... more
      • Cathy I am so glad you are better and > Jeanie Z, Tue Mar 27 16:30
        I appreciate you checking in. You have remained in my prayers. I am sorry you have been so ill. What a terrible experience to have. I pray your health improves. Jeanie :)
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