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Bone health
Wed Jul 18, 2018 15:26

Hi Ayoung. Your wife sounds like she is doing well. Good to hear that. I too have been on LDN for 16 years now. It seems to have stopped working for me as I have noticed some progression in the last few years.
I am not a fan of those pharmaceuticals for bone health though. From what I heard, they will cause to bones to swell and thus appear to be better but that is not the case. I take a pretty good supplement
It contains what the bones truly need...hope this helps

  • LDN ayoung, Thu Jun 21 09:46
    My wife [67] got MS from a Flu shot in 1983. She has been on LDN for over 10 years thanks to this board and GoodShape. She has secondary progressive MS but was recently told by her neurologist -who... more
    • Bone health JoyceF, Wed Jul 18 15:26
      • bone ayoung, Wed Jul 18 17:43
        Thank you. I will research this. her osteoperosis was way over the limit. if I remeber she was over 4.5 all over. She is now considered having osteopena [SP}?. We are lucky to have access to polls... more
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