Histamine, LDN & Lyme Dx MS Therapies

Wed Jul 18, 2018 17:43

Thank you. I will research this.
her osteoperosis was way over the limit. if I remeber she was over 4.5 all over.

She is now considered having osteopena [SP}?.
We are lucky to have access to polls and she can even walk in the water. If anyone can get to a pool do it.

  • Bone health JoyceF, Wed Jul 18 15:26
    Hi Ayoung. Your wife sounds like she is doing well. Good to hear that. I too have been on LDN for 16 years now. It seems to have stopped working for me as I have noticed some progression in the last... more
    • bone ayoung, Wed Jul 18 17:43
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