Histamine, LDN & Lyme Dx MS Therapies

Marlene WA
This is Marlene H reporting.
Sat Jul 21, 2018 17:33

Hello my friends: Thank you Jeanie for letting me know you care enough to call and ask if I am still upright. It was a blessing hearing from you sweet one andsharing my happiness at your call.

I am so grateful for this board and that GoodShape's &my dream has been so fruitful for so many. I was here to share all the improvements I had and how I felt I had achieved them. I was able to do this for years but as I reported more improvements I became the target for a lot of harassing. Marlene La====== and I were friends and visited in person and on the phone regularly. I have not been able to reach her for a long time. I have been concerned that she might be in a nursing home but not this. I miss her great mind, consideration, caring and friendship. She is the one who set up the first visits to Mexico for Stem Cells and negotiated our discounts. She and I went down to Mexico for the Stem Cells (cord blood and Placenta) helped me and several others. I have been blessed by the opportunity the MS gave me to grow into a person who knows how strong I am and how determined I am and now I
have a new respect and appreciation the gift my life has given me.
I am still working at the job I have been prepared for of Helping those who can't help themselves yet. I run transitional homes and provide emotional support for the homeless and disabled
I practice gratitude and determination everyday I learn more about myself as I continue to Follow the path I am given. I look at this board as a wonderful part of my growth and recovery thank you Good Shape for continuing to provide for our support and guidance and giving voice to us who struggle to find answers of a positive nature. I miss you all and will be visiting to post if you want me. Love you all Marlene H.

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