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Jeanie Z
Still slow improvement.>
Mon Jun 24, 2019 12:45

For a week I have been allowed to put weight on my broken leg. MY legs are both still weak and I can stand with the walker for one minute and 10 seconds. I also took 12 small steps with the walker.

It seems like a hundred years since I broke it but I can at least see small improvements now. Any prayers appreciated.

My sons have been wonderful, grocery shopping for me, etc. I had an aide for awhile but it cost me $180 a day and I had to let her go to keep from depleting my savings. Jeanie :)

  • I am now home from rehab where I was from February 22 until May 12. I signed myself out as I was getting weaker there. I am getting PT at home. I go to the surgeon tomorrow and hopefully I will be... more
    • Still slow improvement.> Jeanie Z, Mon Jun 24 12:45
    • Good to hear JoyceF, Mon Jun 3 12:03
      that you ere able to get out and are on the mend. That sounds horrible. Wishing you well.
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