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Judy & Maddie
hello & fur-baby bumps question
Mon Jan 2, 2012 11:16

Life...what can I say. Bet it's been about 5 yrs since writing on message board, which I've kept in "favorites". Glad to see you all are still here. Can't believe my 'fur-baby' Maddie will be 10 years old in Oct. Been in touch with this wonderful forum since then. Now for my question. Maddie breaks out in severe itchy bumps which started about 5 yrs ago. Ruled out food Rx;heart Rx;flea/tick Rx as cause. She has pehaps one natural green treat a day. These bumps apx size now about pencil erraser size, she sctratches like crazy, then they pop and have scab and red around the area. They will be in clusters on random part of her body. Today, I had to cut off her top/knot since many were around that area. VET has no clue without expensive blood work for allergies...SO, I cleans with Witch Hazel (doesn't burn), VET said she can have 1/2 Benydryl (sp) 2X's, & used a cortizone cream on each bump. Sometimes I use Neosporin...She looks a greasy mess! Has any of you had something like this with your fur-baby? If so; what did you do to help heal them quick. Thank you for any suggestions.

    • Re: hello & fur-baby bumps question Karen & Romeo, Tue Jan 3 01:49
      Welcome back! Wow, long time no see. Glad you're alive & well... Sounds like Maddie might have allergies and her itchy bumps are hives. Sounds like she's allergic to 'something' that you've yet to... more
      • thank you about bumpsjudy and maddie, Tue Jan 3 13:10
        Thank you for response. It probably is a mysterious allergy. No; I've not taken her to a dermatologist VET...having $$$$ money trying to treat them when they pop out. thought of alcohol,... more
        • Re: thank you about bumpsKaren & Romeo, Wed Jan 4 01:50
          Glad to help. No, rubbering alcohol shouldn't burn, because the bumps already scabbed so it's too old to burn (and that's why I mentioned using 70% and not the too-strong 92%- which is used for... more
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