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Judy & Maddie
is this board active?
Mon Jan 2, 2012 16:48

Hello: been a LONG time since interacting on board...I sent in a question...I'm noticing the dates are very used to be someone posted something daily. I tried to activate into another on-line forum...but don't seem to answer the registration requirements correctly...Is this still active????anyone????:-)

    • oh, definitelyKaren & Romeo, Tue Jan 3 01:58
      Romeo & I are definitely active and intend to keep this board alive & well. Looks like it got more quiet over time after Beau passed away. And, also many moved to Facebook, where I'm also active in.... more
      • hello- long time.....Judy and Maddie, Sat Oct 27 11:48
        Hi Karen and Romeo - and others. Been a LONG time getting on forum. Maddie celebrated her 10th birthday on the 19th. She's doing great except reoccuring skin issues! After heart worm Rx, then... more
        • hello back!Karen & Romeo, Sat Oct 27 19:53
          Wow, happy birthday to Maddie! Glad she's still here and doing well. What food are you feeding her and what shampoo? Sorry about her skin issues. It's possible about the meds overload or possibly too ... more
      • New Year's GreetingJonathan, Wed Jan 4 12:17
        Hi, Karen, Happy to read that you and Romeo have no intention of shutting down your site. Best wishes to you and your boy for the promising New Year! Jonathan Agronsky
    • Active?Ed, Tue Jan 3 00:14
      Still hanging around. Not much to say. Sorry to hear about the bumps. These dogs are so sensitive. Try another vet or get blood work done, esp if she's suffering. Ssa-Sha has been so healthy, even... more
      • thanks for inputjudy and maddie, Tue Jan 3 13:15
        Ed: thanks for input. you and Karen are right...I need to 'step it up' in another VET opinion or Dermo Dr. Seems every time I take her to VET it's over $100 -$200! However; my fur-baby is #1 on my... more
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