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Re: hello & fur-baby bumps question
Tue Jan 3, 2012 01:49

Welcome back! Wow, long time no see. Glad you're alive & well...

Sounds like Maddie might have allergies and her itchy bumps are hives. Sounds like she's allergic to 'something' that you've yet to find. Did you go to a derm atology vet? That might be a better route than a regular vet. Just keep treating the bumps if they're drying out (try rubbing alcohol (the 70% one)), meaning they're healing. Just that they take forever to heal. The fact the bumps are still around is a sign that her allergens are active until you find the exact allergy to treat.

Hope I've helped some!

  • hello & fur-baby bumps question Judy & Maddie, Mon Jan 2 11:16
    Life...what can I say. Bet it's been about 5 yrs since writing on message board, which I've kept in "favorites". Glad to see you all are still here. Can't believe my 'fur-baby' Maddie will be 10... more
    • Re: hello & fur-baby bumps question — Karen & Romeo, Tue Jan 3 01:49
      • thank you about bumpsjudy and maddie, Tue Jan 3 13:10
        Thank you for response. It probably is a mysterious allergy. No; I've not taken her to a dermatologist VET...having $$$$ money trying to treat them when they pop out. thought of alcohol,... more
        • Re: thank you about bumpsKaren & Romeo, Wed Jan 4 01:50
          Glad to help. No, rubbering alcohol shouldn't burn, because the bumps already scabbed so it's too old to burn (and that's why I mentioned using 70% and not the too-strong 92%- which is used for... more
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