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Re: thank you about bumps
Wed Jan 4, 2012 01:50

Glad to help. No, rubbering alcohol shouldn't burn, because the bumps already scabbed so it's too old to burn (and that's why I mentioned using 70% and not the too-strong 92%- which is used for hyperdermic needles). Witch Hazel is fine but just not as strong as alcohol (plus Witch Hazel smells when you open, peeuuu). Also, the fact that Maddie has been getting the bumps here & there is a sign that she needs to be checked out furthermore to be safe. She's 10 years of age now, so she's bound to have something within her body. When Beau got very old, he had cauliflower warts (papilloma-like virus), so skin issues pop up. Fortunately, the warts didn't bother him and he only had very few of them. Keep us updated if you found a dermatology vet and what they said after the exam.

  • thank you about bumpsjudy and maddie, Tue Jan 3 13:10
    Thank you for response. It probably is a mysterious allergy. No; I've not taken her to a dermatologist VET...having $$$$ money trying to treat them when they pop out. thought of alcohol,... more
    • Re: thank you about bumps — Karen & Romeo, Wed Jan 4 01:50
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