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Shih Tzu Forum site news update...ALL READ (no fear) / edited
Fri Feb 10, 2012 02:15

Just letting you know in case you're wondering why I still have the Christmas theme on the STF site is because I am currently unable to update it- my files are full(!) So, I'd have to weed through them to see if there's something that's worthy to delete, but so far I want to keep everything there as most all of them are being used (usually photos & .gifs). For the time being when I have more time, I'll update the site to bring to present...

Remember when GeoCities discontinued their free web host service? Well, somebody cached my original STF site (which was or (thank-you!), so here is the 'new' cached site:



Please be advised that HTML Gear [i.e. Guest Book, Poll] will be retiring on April 1, 2012. As of that date, all HTML Gear modules will cease functioning and you will no longer be able to log into to make changes or updates.
To avoid a poor experience for your site visitors, please remove all HTML Gear modules from your pages before April 1, 2012.
We're retiring HTML Gear to encourage a more enhanced, integrated website building experience. We recommend using the Zeeblio website builder on Tripod, which can you learn more about here.
Thank you very much for using HTML Gear, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts about Zeeblio.
Chris Cummings
Director of Product Management
Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved.
Lycos, Inc. | 100 5th Avenue | Waltham | MA 02451-8703


Gee, hosts going out of business constantly nowadays- big ironic mistake. I'll attempt to gather those thoughtful Guest Book notes that all of you posted in the past, and paste them onto a new link to remember by, so that nothing gets lost forever. (AND, I have it all importantly printed out anyway.)

And, finally, you will see that the above Acronym list link on this Bulletin site is 'dead'...well, I am also unable to delete it for now since they reformatted the edit page to the point where I am unable to edit (or am not sure how exactly). When I get a chance to find a way, that dead link will be gone. Again, gee, webmasters- leave everything alone(!)*

Thanks for your continued loyalty & support for the Shih Tzu Forum and ESPECIALLY for signing and participating in our Guest Books and Polls. Like I say, we are still here (AND, I like the site as it is for now anyway. *Thanks to Angelfire, for lasting as long as it has (10 yrs.+) :)

    • of today! Managed to edit at my File Manager and brought everything up to date by removing dead images/links, so forth, and bringing everything to current (esp. from Xmas to Summer). My file is ... more
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