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(#65: ALERT re: closure of MSN TV (STF is exempt- no panic))
Sun Sep 29, 2013 18:17

(snip) This is just to let you know that effective Monday September 30, 2013, MSN TV (formerly WebTV) that has been providing dial-up internet service since the mid-90s, is closing its services for good. No specific reason was given, but I am assuming it is because they have been called archaic with an outdated browser since the mid-2000s, when they stopped updating to higher compatible browsers since the day the founders sold WebTV to a (somewhat inexperienced) new staff who has just been running the service without much updating. I have been publishing the Shih Tzu Forum on both MSN TV (on my 19" TV screen) and a desktop computer since June 1999+. I purchased a new 14" laptop (and love it so much more) a couple months ago and will be exclusively using it (and, I am typing this e-letter on this beautiful laptop right now!). The Shih Tzu Forum Home Page URL will continue as usual; since some of my linked MSN TV 'Pagebuilder' Web Pages are on it you may encounter dead links when clicking on those links, as I will not find a host site for now to transfer those Pages over (they would be a chore to manually transfer and re-set up anyway- I would need a lot more time nowadays which is not what I had back then)- especially since my Angelfire free account is full (unless I delete many stuff and/or upgrade to a paid account) and if I attempt to update, it somehow gets deleted and takes an effort to get back on- so I am not taking chances. The Home Page (as well as my other Angelfire / non-MSN TV Web Pages) will stay as they are. MSN TV thankfully announced the closure two months in advance and gave us the opportunity to easily transfer all our data, e-mails, and Pagebuilders(on .zip) over at Outlook and Skydrive- all at the click of a couple buttons without labor. Since Shih Tzu Forum and almost everyone is now over at Facebook, I am exclusively over there and will take bits & pieces (photos / articles) of anything I put in the Shih Tzu Forum throughout the years over at Facebook, so we can all be up-to-date and even look back(!). The Shih Tzu Forum and Bulletin are not visited much nowadays like back then (esp. because of Facebook and that everyone's mainly over there), soooo. My e-mails will remain the same. The Shih Tzu Forum Bulletin (& MSN TV Bulletin for the time being) will also remain, so non-Facebook users can continually post. Just so you know what has been going on so far all along without getting puzzled(!) I thank you and Microsoft MSN TV for all your loyal support and for enabling me to run the Shih Tzu Forum & other Web Pages for 'free'. I actually (loyally) kept my account open with MSN TV due to the Pagebuilders (you have to have an active account with MSN TV to keep the Pagebuilders there, of course) and as a backup in case my computer ISP is down or whatever. So far, so good and no problems whatsoever. Also, some of the MSN TV users over the last several years have had to resort using mobile websites in order to surf the web at a better speed and even order online- usually because of not having a computer yet (due to cost, virus fears, et al); in order to access EVERYthing with high speed surfing, you need a wireLESS desktop / laptop / mobile /...(whatever new technology comes out with). It has been a fun ride since January 1999 when I first signed up with the internet; MSN TV was also a community in itself and it was fun surfing online on a big TV screen and using PIP to view a TV show at the same time (and even capturing a freezeframe to take a picture and upload)- all on a Sony internet terminal INT-W200 (which I paid $200 for with a $24.95 / month subscription) and the interesting thing is, after all these years of heavy usage that machine never broke or shut down (including power surges), and the same goes for its compatible inkjet printer (I now use laser). Oh, and MSN TV also provided non-virus worry-free service so there was never a virus issue like a computer throughout the years. I am now with CenturyLink all wireless on HP Chromebook; the MSN TV terminal hookup (that looks like a cable box) is now junked- forever obsolete and not coming back. My thanks to you for Friending me on Facebook and talking Shih Tzu over there since May 2011...continue seeing you all at FB. And, I will continue keeping you subscribers up-to-date via e-lettering from here (and notice my new strike-over on a couple of MSN TV / URLs below), as well as the Notes over at FB...


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#65 today's date: Sunday,
September 29, 2013
(last update #64: Friday, December 28, 2012)

While offers text & HTML to send messages (
offered only text), I will stick with text due to faster loading
time and that AOL users' e-mail readers not accepting HTML/attachments.
If that's changed, please let me know.
I will now switch to
HTML (basic) because my e-letter #s 28 & 29 with text-only had lines
wrapped together, plus a couple of words got garbled. With HTML
commands, I have better control, and it's hopefully neater. AOL users
will probably see the HTML command codes with plain text. Thanks for
understanding. If I find that it's still not any better via,
then I will transfer and from now on send you my future e-letters via my
own mailing system from MSN TV. I'd like to thank again you current
subscribers for accepting transfer to my new Mailing List
from the former Mailing List, since listbot discontinued
their free mailing service on August. And, to you new/returning
subscribers, thanks for signing up! I look forward to sharing my stories
with you about my adventures (& misadventures) with Romeo, as well as
other Shih Tzu news. If you have any comments / problems in the way
you've received my messages with, please let me know. (/snip)

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