re: chronic bronchitis
Tue Feb 16, 2016 11:41

My little Gizmo has started this!!! I say pray God is the Best Doctor their is. I pray over my lil Giz. He's 5yrs now.. I cant handle the coughing it hurts to hear him. i try to help him. Pray!!! God bless all the lil dogs with this..


  • re: chronic bronchitisKim, Sun May 31 19:00
    Thanks for your reply! Well we've been to the vet almost every other week since about March now. Ollie's vet has checked out everything...blood, xrays, her heart, her lungs, and he says all of them... more
    • re: chronic bronchitis — Anonymous, Tue Feb 16 11:41
      • BronchitisEd in San Jose, Wed Feb 17 17:06
        Ssa-Sha, aged 15 years, has an intermittent wheezing cough.The vet prescribed Robitussin DM and hydrocodone/homatropine 5/1.5 mg. She clearly did not like the cough medicine, and it seemed not to... more
    • Chronic coughing Cheryl Beaman, Thu Aug 27 17:25
      We have actually been going through the exact same thing with our shih Tzu. I am taking her to the vet Monday and they are going to do a wash. Which as I understand, they will lightly sedate her and... more
    • coughingKaren & Romeo, Sun May 31 21:32
      I'm so sorry to read about your Ollie. I imagine how frustrating it must be going through all the tests, yet they're not finding anything. Have you told your vet that the medicines are not working??... more
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