Ed in San Jose
Wed Feb 17, 2016 17:06

Ssa-Sha, aged 15 years, has an intermittent wheezing cough.The vet prescribed Robitussin DM and hydrocodone/homatropine 5/1.5 mg.

She clearly did not like the cough medicine, and it seemed not to work. The pills did work, however.

She seems okay now, and I don't like to keep giving her drugs, so I've ceased the pills.

  • re: chronic bronchitisAnonymous, Tue Feb 16 11:41
    My little Gizmo has started this!!! I say pray God is the Best Doctor their is. I pray over my lil Giz. He's 5yrs now.. I cant handle the coughing it hurts to hear him. i try to help him. Pray!!! God ... more
    • Bronchitis — Ed in San Jose, Wed Feb 17 17:06
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