Happy 2017!
Tue Jan 31, 2017 14:12


Romeo & I are still thriving and living well. He turned 9 on Dec. 14. Melody is still here and is Sweet 16 and doing very well. Come this spring, Melody will celebrate her 10th year with me.

Beau has been gone for 10 years on Jan. 8 and I still miss him terribly and occasionally post "Throwback" photos of him over at Facebook.

Thank-you for Friending me at Facebook. I still keep this board up for non-Facebook members, of course.

Hope you're having a good new year so far. I hope this year is prosperous for myself, Romeo, & Melody- as well as for all of you...

Be in touch here and at Facebook!

    • Ssa-ShaAnonymous, Wed Feb 1 15:20
      Ssa-Sha is 16.5, and still viable. She eats her meals every day, and tries to faithfully use her Wee-wee pads. She does try to make it outside for potty, but is no longer interested in walks. Her... more
      • Re: Ssa-ShaKaren & Romeo, Thu Feb 2 16:54
        She is blessed to have a good mommy in you! Glad she is doing well.
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