Wed Feb 1, 2017 15:20

Ssa-Sha is 16.5, and still viable. She eats her meals every day, and tries to faithfully use her Wee-wee pads. She does try to make it outside for potty, but is no longer interested in walks.

Her hind legs are a little weak now, but she seems not to be in any pain. I keep her under care of her vet. I see no reason to put her under.

  • Happy 2017!Karen & Romeo, Tue Jan 31 14:12
    Updating! Romeo & I are still thriving and living well. He turned 9 on Dec. 14. Melody is still here and is Sweet 16 and doing very well. Come this spring, Melody will celebrate her 10th year with... more
    • Ssa-Sha — Anonymous, Wed Feb 1 15:20
      • Re: Ssa-ShaKaren & Romeo, Thu Feb 2 16:54
        She is blessed to have a good mommy in you! Glad she is doing well.
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