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Pred anxiety
Thu Dec 15, 2011 06:27

I was on Pred. 5.5 years--had a hard time getting from 15mg to zero without flares. Gained 30# and that in itself was social anxiety with clothes not fitting etc. In the process of trying to curb wt. I discovered the Zone diet which is a classic(most libraries have some books) and is basically a carb controlled eating plan which is similar to the way diabetics manage carbs to maintain blood sugar and minimize swings. For me, it helped stabalize my mood, and the act of working hard on something for my health improved concentration and confidence. Since you realize you have a problem you are on the road to improvement-- take some steps to work against the side effects eg. exercise, enjoy music, improve your appearance, practice social interaction a with a trusted friend to build your confidence--not easy for sure--but fighting against being a victim has always been helpful in avoiding depression which can come along with this.
You are not alone! Let us know what works for you

  • Pred Anxiety Anonymous, Wed Dec 14 16:47
    Has any had any problems regarding social/anxiety problems while being on Pred? I was on Pred for a while years ago and am back on it and have experience different types of symptoms. Pred works... more
    • Re: Pred Anxiety A, Fri Dec 16 06:04
      My husband has had similar experiences on pred. He has been on for 3 years on various high and low doses. He has been on 10mg now for quite sometime and the next push to taper off starts this... more
    • Pred anxiety — Margaret, Thu Dec 15 06:27
      • Re: Pred anxietyAnonymous, Thu Dec 15 20:21
        Where are you from Margaret? Why did the doctors keep you on Pred for so long? Why didn't they put you on another drug/shot?
        • Re: Pred anxietyMargaret, Sat Dec 17 11:37
          I live in Michigan and am treated at UofM medical school by professors in dept of Rheumatology who dx. my "atypical Still's" almost 11 yrs ago. Because cyclic high fevers were my primary sx. we used... more
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